Welcome! Here is what this all about

February 2019 1 min read

Hi, visitor!

Finally went to blogging as the critical mass of ideas and experience I've accumulated calls for release. I hope my blog could serve you as an igniter throwing sparks into thoughts that's on your mind right now for a chance to light up a new idea. Or it could be a new lens to look through on casual business issues.

My plan is to produce regular writings twice per month on:
- Product management. From strategy on a bird's view to tactics and tricks.
- Team management. Business can't survive without a proper teamwork, agree?
- Business models. The tasty piece of a brain-pie on how to design money-making activities.
- Adult entertainment business as it's one of my favs: online dating, webcams, modeling and other x-rated stuff.
- Possibly culture, something that I can get from my Eastern European origin that gives some unique perspective due to constant changes around and never-ending volatility.

Here you will find potentially valuable content either informative or actionable. Definitely would not go for writing for the sake of it.

Thanks for reading. Hope to see you soon!