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March 2019 18 min read

Прежде чем запускать стартап

Стартапы по своей природе парадоксальны и лишены логики. Я не знаю, почему. Возможно, по той причине, что наша сегодняшняя культура не пронизана знанием о них. Впрочем, не важно, по какой причине, но, запуская стартап, вам не следует полностью полагаться на свои инстинкты.
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February 2019 1 min read

Welcome! Here is what this all about

Finally went to blogging as the critical mass of ideas and experience I've accumulated calls for release. I hope my blog could serve you as an igniter throwing sparks into thoughts that's on your mind right now for a chance to light up a new idea. Or it could be a new lens to look through on casual business issues. My plan is to produce regular writings twice per month on...
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Software Product Manager
UX Designer
Agile Coach
Local Leader at IDF Kharkiv

Creating new software products, going from an idea through break-even and beyond. Designing user experiences to precisely meet user’s need. Form and manage teams that perform, while doing job is fun experience.